Getting the world to talk again.

Is this another messaging app?

Nope! It's a communication product where text chat just happens to be the first step. Bindle is about lowering barriers and giving you the fastest way to start a conversation for any context.

How does it work?

It's simple. Pick a hashtag for your Bindle and share it any way, anywhere, with whomever, for whatever. Tell it, tweet it, FB it, IG it. Inviting 10 people to your Bindle is as easy as tweeting it to 10,000.

How are people using it?

People create Bindles for weddings, weekend trips with friends, coordinating events, and housing communities of thousands. They also use it as group text replacements, email replacements or for team communication. The app has become especially popular with YouTubers and social influencers to create more intimate spaces with their fans.

Bindle Core Values

Our values are incredibly important to our culture and motivation. Startups are hard, and we frequently look to these to remind ourselves how to push through our challenges together:

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